Jewellery designer, artist, stylist and observer.
I was born in Milan, with a strong inclination to fantasy.
My skills touch visual communication, graphic art and photography and jewellery design.

Strong passion about arts, cooking, theater, dance, music, places and people.
I love to watch people, how they move, what they do, how, where and why.
I love traveling and discovering little places to live great experiences.
Enthusiasm is an ingredient in everything for me.
The love of the jewel was a wonderful discovery, the result of every little passion that nourishes my life.
The jewel interprets the art, the passion, the shy woman’s overwhelming beauty, poetry, love and magic.

MartainMarte is my world: and I want to discover it.
I started my career in the luxury sector, as a freelance jewellery designer with Damiani’s Group and in the fashion sector with Jil Sander’s and other licensed brands.

Marta Galliani

Marta Galliani - Martainmarte